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Monday, October 16, 2006

Many deaf people are seen as a person handicapped. A person of hearing cannot include/understand because some deaf peoples do not express no loss of the jamb of the sensation that will not be able to test the noise. Since the experience the noise is something that some deaf peoples had never had, cannot have no loss or associated emotion not having. The peoples of the deaf person carry through of the things that cannot occur for inside nor can be in a favorable position and can be versed ferret are of the scale of the activities where they can occupy or create an established place. This can to seem not very common to some of hearing because they carry through of the abundance of occasions has to have the ways them peoples who hear noises. The peoples of hearing that they are members of the deaf community carry through of and not thus share of this opinion of deaf Pessoa-Mundo very parce that envisaged with, but because has was the pilot (or fz examination of the part for inside) of common-feels the practical character of the deaf methods of the definition of the problems



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