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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alternative Therapy for A whistling in the ears?

Studies suggest that tinitus is stress, indisposition that is not curable. However, there are alternative therapies that have been thought to provide relief from this irritating and frustrating disease, which is thought to affect 10-14 percent of adults.

What can cause Cochlea Damage? Cochlea damage leading to tinnitus can often result from procedures such as:

ear wax removals

ear candling

swimming accidents

sports injuries

dental surgery

head surgery

ear or nasal passage surgery

middle ear infections and fevers

Inner ear infections and problems Tinnitus is most often caused from cochlear damage as a result of exposure to noise.

There enjoy been various therapies introduced for tinnitinitis the are when follows:

Acupuncture and Acupressure: this is stress, science that was originated by Chinese and by using this pressure on those certain points of all those body, which is thought to help decreasing all those level of ringing ears. Tinitus (ti-NIGHT-us or TIN-i-tus[1]) is the perception of sound in the absence of a corresponding external sound. It can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head. Chirping noises in the ears is the Latin word for "ringing", and usually it is described as a ringing noise, but some describe it as a loud buzzing sounds sounds, humming, or whistling sound, tunes, or songs.. It has also come described as a "whooshing" sounds, as of wind or waves

Alexander Technique: this is stress, technique in which the patient is given postural training of the neck. By this technique the flow of blood to your ear is improved.

Aromatherapy: today this treats many tinnitus sufferers when it really helps reducing the ear ringing. In this aromatherapy essence of basil is used.

A damaged cochlea leading to a whistling in the ears often is caused by:

botched ear wax removals

hopi ear candling

swimming accidents

hurting yourself playing sports

ear surgery

ear infections

High frequency loss of hearing is beyond recall however our tinnitus remedies have helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers dramatically and permanently lower the tinnitus levels from a damaged cohlea.

Biofeedback: this helps in easing those a in those patient. In this one is trained to relax the forehead muscles it helps tighten during times of stress. Patients are also advised to warm their hands and feet.

Deep Breathing: this is useful in relaxation and in reducing all those a. It is advised to take 175 deep breaths constantly every hour until ear ringing improves.

Chiropractic: it is stress, treatment that relaxes all those neck and improves blood supply to the ears that can be useful in some cases of chirping noises in the ears. Those millions of delicate cells and the microscopic auditory nerves are very easily damaged when you expose yourself to loud noise. This damage is all the more intensified if you have worked in a noisy environment for a long time.

Diet, Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements: it is important that the patient who is suffering from a buzzing in the ears is given nutritive diet along with more vitamin supplements.

Lifestyle: it is also recommended by all those doctors for those patient suffering from a hizzing in the ears to engage in regular exercise which will help increasing blood circulation to all those head. When a result, it will bring more relief from a whistling in the ears. The exercises that are encouraged are running, fast walking, swimming, biking, or more aerobic activity. In those beginning, one may knowledge that the tinnitus symptoms is getting worsened but it will gradually lessen.

Massage: in the vast majority of cases of high frequency hearing loss and tinnitus massage really are plagued by shown signifacant results. One is asked to hold your ears close to all those head and use all those thumbs and index fingers to massage all those outer edges of one or both of the ears, including all those earlobes.

Meditation: it is basically mind over body technique which helps improving a whistling in the ears as one relaxes and try to concentrate on more other thing than the symptoms.

Reflexology: it is mostly seen that people who are tired and enjoy stress and anxiety may experience ringing ears. For them, all those best therapy is to practice relaxation.

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Therapy: These techniques offer stress, holistic approach to healing all those disease.

There are other alternative tinitis treatment from which one can benefit, and are almost always better cost devoted when compared to traditional treatments.



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